Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bell Near Sacristy

This is the small bell that hangs near the sacristy.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nuremberg Defence & Catholic's for Hire

Do you see the analogy?  It’s perfect…. and this is what every Catholic does who works in some sort of capacity for a Catholic organization and does NOT question what is going on in the Vatican. PUBLICLY.

You must be able to speak freely and to the public, if not it means you are under edict of some sort. 

Keep silent or else. If you want to keep your job at Diocese you better be careful what you say. If you want to eventually get your own parish as a pastor you better keep your mouth shut. Now, I am not saying every person who works at a Diocese office or for a Catholic school has to blast their unhappiness all across the world wide web. But lets get real here. How many of these Catholic’s want to be unemployed after working their whole lives within a system. The system of “shut up or we will label you a trouble maker”

The Nuremberg Defence is what they are using. These pathetic spineless cowards certainly can never claim…. “How could all those people in Germany follow along with the Nazi’s?”  "They must have known about the gas chambers”   or this one I am sure you have all heard  “If I was there in Germany during WW2 I would have resisted the Nazi regime, I would have spoken out.”

To all of that I say…..Yeah…right.

You are just as bad as those murdering Nazi collaborators, you are scared and shaking in your boots aren’t you?  Priests…who want a cushy posting, teacher’s who like their summer holidays, apologists who like the perks on the talk circuit. This includes Bishops as well as those in a position of Influence in the Church, editors, communicators and all those who represent the Church in public. Check out these people’s FB page or their Twitter accounts or their Instagram feed or their blogs….nothing….

So…they are just following orders. Orders from who?  Do they not see the irony.

Break free and stand up.

Archbishop Scicluna HERETIC

Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna from Malta is a HERETIC. Have you read the filth coming from his mouth?

He believes it is humanly impossible to remain chaste......HE IS A PRIEST/BISHOP.....So he must have some inside info on how it is impossible to remain chaste.

Look at this man....pray for his him, for he is weak and pathetic. I feel there is nothing more pathetic in life than a person who ignores the truth and is afraid to speak it.

I feel sorry for him, a great Pity, as he is merely following directions to MAKE A MESS!
But he is being obedient to a man anyway, just not to the King of Kings.  Imagine...there are some priests right in this Archdiocese (RCAV) that profess the current Papal claimant as 'their hero'....HERO!?   Are you kidding?

We are coming for you, you will not hide. We know who you are and all who support your warped Gospel will face a terrible Judgement. There will be No PEACE where you are going unless you repent.

Ignore the temptation of the one who is seducing you ....whoever that might be...Satan, a White Cassock, a Black Cassock.

Catholic's get ready more is coming and they will have our buildings.

I have a revealing post coming up later on today.