Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Who Needs a Cross When You Have A Park Bench

This is outside the Holy Rosary Cathedral in Downtown Vancouver.

That's right folks.....HOMELESS JESUS HAS ARRIVED.

So what's the deal with this? Are we supposed to meditate on the homeless? Show the homeless the Cross!....That is what true love is. This is just a mock up of a bum on the could be any bum? Does God still love that bum? Of course....Does God still love the meth addicted, begger, homeless man on the street? Yes.....DUH!....Oh wait....I get it....we are to be struck with HUMILITY AND MERCY when we see the bronze Jesus sleeping on the bench.......huh?

These people have thrown the Catholic faith into whatever they want. So will we get a statue of starving Jesus from Ethiopia?  Jesus as a child with cancer statue?  Perhaps a unemployed Jesus with a sign "will work for miracles" . It really is endless.

If you don't live here in Vancouver....the powers here are all falling all over themselves about how great this is. Vomit

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